Hey there, beautiful souls!

I hope this diary entry finds you all in high spirits and overflowing with love. Today, I want to delve into a topic that is close to my heart - the importance of giving back. As human beings blessed with various privileges and opportunities, it becomes our moral responsibility to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate than us.

A Humble Beginning

Growing up in Ukraine before moving to Los Angeles at the tender age of seven, I witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by individuals living in poverty. Those experiences left an indelible mark on me and shaped my perspective on life. It made me realize how vital it is for each one of us who can make a difference actually do so.

The Power Within Us

We often underestimate the power we possess as individuals when it comes to effecting positive change around us. Every single action counts; whether big or small, they have ripple effects that spread far beyond what we can perceive.

Spreading Love: Acts of Kindness

One way we can give back is through acts of kindness towards others. Something as simple as offering a listening ear or lending a helping hand can brighten someone's day immeasurably. We never truly know what battles people are fighting behind closed doors – sometimes even just showing empathy and understanding goes miles towards making them feel seen and cared for.

Advocacy: Amplifying Voices

Another powerful avenue lies within advocacy work – using our voices not just for ourselves but also for those who might lack representation or face systemic injustices in society. Personally speaking out about issues such as gender equality or mental health has been incredibly rewarding because I've had countless conversations where these topics were brought into light simply because someone felt inspired by hearing another person speak their truth unapologetically.

Discovering Your Passion Project

Finding your passion project plays an instrumental role when deciding how best you could contribute positively to the world. It's all about finding something that resonates with you deeply and ignites a fire within your soul.

Education: A Pathway to Change

For me, education has always been at the forefront of my philanthropic endeavors. I believe that knowledge empowers individuals, giving them the tools needed to uplift themselves and their communities. Through organizations like "A New Way of Life" or "Pencils of Promise," I've tried my best to support educational initiatives for underprivileged children and young adults worldwide.

Collaboration: The Power in Numbers

Collaboration is key when it comes to making a lasting impact on society as a whole. By joining forces with like-minded individuals or organizations, we can pool our resources, skills, and experiences together – creating an unstoppable force for good.

Breaking Boundaries Together

As someone who values friendship immensely, collaborating with friends in philanthropy ventures brings an added layer of joy into my life. Whether it be working alongside Ashton Kutcher through our organization "Thorn" - dedicated towards combating human trafficking using technology - or partnering up with fellow actors in fundraising events supporting various causes close to our hearts; these collaborations have shown me time and again that there truly is strength in numbers.


In conclusion, dear friends reading this diary entry today; let us remember how crucial it is not just for ourselves but also for humanity as a whole – striving towards building a more compassionate world where no one gets left behind. Giving back doesn't necessarily mean donating millions (although if you can do so without causing financial hardships upon yourself please go ahead!). It embodies acts both big and small done consistently out of love because every little step counts on this beautiful journey called life!

Sending each one of you endless love, Mila