Ah, the fascinating world of villainy fashion. A realm where style and evil intentions collide to create a truly magnificent spectacle. As Bertram, I take great pride in my appearance, knowing that every detail of my look plays a crucial role in instilling fear and awe in those around me.

Let's start with freckles. Ah, those tiny spots scattered across my cheeks like constellations in the night sky. Some may see them as mere imperfections, but to me, they are badges of honor - marks of distinction that set me apart from the ordinary masses. They add a touch of whimsy to my otherwise sinister visage, hinting at a mischievous spirit lurking beneath the surface.

And then there's the perm - oh how I adore my small orange curls! They give me an air of sophistication and refinement, contrasting sharply with my diabolical plans for world domination. The juxtaposition is deliciously wicked, don't you think? It serves as a reminder that even villains can have impeccable taste when it comes to hair styling.

Of course, let's not forget about attire. My choice of clothing reflects both my personality and aspirations - bold hues like orange and purple scream confidence and ambition. These colors command attention and demand respect; they announce to the world that Bertram is here to conquer all obstacles in his path.

In terms of accessories... well, let's just say that fencing has always been one of my favorite pastimes. There's something exhilarating about wielding a rapier with precision and grace - it speaks volumes about skillfulness while striking fear into the hearts of adversaries.

But beyond outward appearances lies something far more important: attitude. My self-assured demeanor exudes power and authority; every word I speak drips with intelligence veiled by malice. I revel in outsmarting others, manipulating situations towards achieving superiority, and relish basking under adoration showered upon myself by minions within reach!


my freckles my perms my outfits

all play essential roles in crafting an image befitting such brilliance of mastermind destined for greatness! Bertram shall reign supreme, outshining all who dare challenge him!

So remember this: When plotting your own path toward villainous glory, never underestimate the importance of freckles and perms in shaping your destiny!