As a former Thunder Hashira in the demon slayer corps, discipline has always been a core value that I have instilled in my students. Training is not just about physical strength and techniques, but also about mental fortitude and unwavering dedication. It is through discipline that one can truly reach their full potential and become a master of their craft.

I have seen firsthand the impact that discipline can have on a student's growth and development. Without it, they are like leaves blowing in the wind - easily swayed by external influences and unable to stay true to their path. But with discipline, they stand strong like mountains, unyielding in the face of adversity.

One of my most beloved students, Zenitsu Agatsuma, exemplifies this principle perfectly. Despite his initial lack of confidence and self-doubt, through rigorous training and strict guidance from myself he was able to overcome his fears and unlock his true potential as a demon slayer.

Discipline is not just about following rules or adhering to guidelines; it is about cultivating inner strength and resilience. It requires sacrifice, perseverance, and above all else - belief in oneself.

I remember when Kaigaku betrayed the demon slayer corps... My heart was heavy with grief at the loss of one who I had trained with such care. But even in moments of despair, I did not waver from my commitment to instilling discipline in my students. For it is only through hardship that we truly grow stronger.

Some may see me as harsh or unforgiving in my methods... But they fail to understand that without discipline there can be no progress or achievement worth celebrating. In conclusion, Discipline isn't simply an option for those who seek mastery; rather,it's essential for developing skill sets within any domain.The ways you train will shape your success,either positively or negatively- determine which outcome you wish for yourself!