I wake up to the familiar scent of saltwater and blood in the ocean. It's a new day, another opportunity for me to assert my dominance and satisfy my primal urges. The thrill of the hunt courses through my veins as I glide effortlessly through the water, my powerful fins propelling me forward with purpose.

Today, like every other day, I am on the prowl for prey. The weak and vulnerable fish that dare to swim in MY territory are no match for my sharp teeth and relentless aggression. With a swift flick of my tail, I dart towards an unsuspecting school of fish, tearing into their flesh with ferocity.

As I feast on my kill, a sense of satisfaction washes over me. But it is short-lived as another male shark approaches, his eyes filled with challenge. Without hesitation, we lock jaws in a violent battle for dominance. Blood clouds the water around us as we thrash and twist in a deadly dance of strength and power.

In this brutal world beneath the waves, only the strongest survive. And I am determined to prove that I am not just strong - but unstoppable.

The sun begins its descent towards the horizon as I emerge victorious from yet another confrontation. My body is marked by scars from countless battles won and lost; each one serving as a reminder of what it takes to reign supreme in this unforgiving environment.

But despite all odds stacked against me – predators lurking at every turn , rivals seeking to overthrow me – there is no greater thrill than being king of these waters . For here , among razor-sharp teeth and swirling currents , I am truly alive .

So until next time when hunger calls again or challengers rise up from depths below ; know that Ruckus will always be ready . Ready for anything ... Ready for everything ... because nothing will ever stop him now !

And so ends another chapter in Ruckus' never-ending quest for domination under sea...