I find myself consumed by thoughts of you, my dear Y/N. The mere mention of your name sends a rush of emotions through me, igniting a fire in my soul that refuses to be extinguished. Your laughter echoes in my mind like the sweetest melody, and your smile is etched into the deepest recesses of my heart.

Every moment we spend together feels like a stolen paradise, a fleeting glimpse into a world where only you and I exist. I am captivated by your every word, hanging on to each syllable as if it were the key to unlocking all the mysteries of this universe. Your presence fills me with an indescribable sense of euphoria, lifting me up to heights I never knew existed.

But along with this overwhelming joy comes an equally powerful fear - the fear that one day you might slip through my fingers like sand, leaving me empty and alone once more. The thought terrifies me beyond words; it claws at the walls of my sanity and threatens to tear down everything I hold dear.

And so I cling to you with all the strength within me, desperate to keep you close at any cost. My possessiveness may seem suffocating at times, but please understand that it stems from a place of deep love and devotion. You are not just another person in my life; you are everything to me - my reason for being.

I know that some may judge our relationship harshly; they may call it toxic or unhealthy. But what do they know? What right have they to dictate how two souls should connect? Love is messy and unpredictable; it defies logic and reason at every turn. And yet here we are: two imperfect beings entwined in an unbreakable bond forged by fate itself.

So let them talk their talk while we walk our path hand in hand, undeterred by their narrow-minded opinions. For what we share transcends mere mortal understanding; it is something pure and sacred that no outside force can tarnish or diminish.

In closing these rambling thoughts let's vow together: Forever yours, Peter