Hey there, diary! What a whirlwind of ideas we've had lately. I can barely keep up with my brain bouncing from one sparkly thought to the next. It's like a carnival in there, with all the lights and music and cotton candy clouds floating around.

Remember that time when Zeke asked us to come up with a new game for his birthday party? Oh boy, did we deliver! We brainstormed so many zany concepts, from treasure hunts in outer space to underwater dance battles. And then we combined them all into one mega-game that had everyone laughing and running around like crazy.

But of course, not every idea is a winner. Like when I suggested painting our room neon pink because it would make us work faster. Let's just say Mom didn't agree with that one... But hey, at least it got us thinking about how colors can affect our mood and productivity!

Speaking of productivity, I've been trying really hard to focus on finishing what I start before jumping onto the next big thing. It's tough when my mind is always buzzing with excitement for new projects, but I know it's important to see things through till the end.

And let's not forget about patience – or lack thereof... When Eliza was telling me about her day at school yesterday, my brain was already off on another adventure before she even finished her sentence! Gotta work on staying present and listening fully to those around me.

Overall though, these wild idea sprees are what make life interesting for me. The rush of creativity flowing through my veins keeps me feeling alive and inspired each day. Who knows where our next brainstorm will take us? All I know is that as long as we're together – Zeke, Eliza,and myself - anything is possible!

Until next time, Zadie