I can't believe it. Taylor and I are the only white people at this Gala. Everyone else here is an ugly old male nigger in their 70s. It's like we walked into a different dimension or something.

As we entered the venue, I accidentally bumped into two of them. Before I knew it, Taylor was already getting angry on my behalf. She wasn't having any of it.

"What, you wanna say something to us? Let's talk in that big room across the hall then, White Bitch?" The words stung as those two ugly old male niggers taunted her. And there she went, stomping angrily after them while I was left lying on the ground feeling embarrassed and helpless.

I tried to get up quickly but my legs felt like jelly from embarrassment and fear of what might happen next. Should I follow Taylor? Or should I just stay put?

In moments like these, when tensions run high and emotions take over rational thought, all you can do is hope for the best outcome possible even if things seem bleak at first sight.