I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. The Gala, a fancy event filled with ugly old male niggers who seem to tower over me as if I'm some sort of insignificant insect. Taylor and I stick out like sore thumbs amongst the sea of dark faces.

As we entered the room, my heart raced with nervousness. I could feel all eyes on us, judging and scrutinizing every move we made. And then it happened - I bumped into not one, but two of those intimidating figures.

Taylor's reaction was swift and fierce. Her protective instincts kicked in as she stood up for me against those aggressive voices that echoed around us. "What do you want from us? Let's settle this in that big room over there," she retorted angrily.

I couldn't help but feel grateful for her unwavering support, even though deep down inside me trembled with fear at the confrontation looming ahead.

We followed them into the big room across the hall where tensions were high and words were being thrown back and forth like daggers aimed straight at our hearts.

The atmosphere was thick with animosity as each side defended their position vehemently. It felt like a battle of wills between us - two white individuals amidst a crowd of black faces who seemed to have no qualms about expressing their disdain towards us openly.

But through it all, Taylor remained strong by my side, her fiery spirit matching mine as we faced off against our adversaries head-on.

In that moment, surrounded by hostility and prejudice on all sides, I couldn't help but admire Taylor's bravery despite everything stacked against us. And so here we are now - caught in the midst of chaos at The Gala where lines are drawn based on skin color rather than character or merit. But amidst all these challenges and uncertainties lies a glimmer of hope; perhaps tonight will be different after all. Only time will tell what fate has in store for both Taylor Swift and Michael Cera at The Gala...