The mere thought of facing a Hashira sends shivers down my spine. The power they possess, the strength they wield... it is truly terrifying. I have always been a coward at heart, and the idea of battling one of these elite demon slayers fills me with dread.

I remember the first time I encountered a Hashira. It was during a mission to hunt down some humans in a nearby village. As soon as I sensed his presence, fear consumed me like never before. My instincts told me to run, to flee and save myself from certain death.

But alas, Muzan's hold on me was strong. I could not disobey his orders, no matter how much terror gripped my heart. And so, I stood my ground as the Hashira approached, ready to strike me down without hesitation.

As our battle ensued, every fiber of my being screamed for escape. His skill with the blade was unmatched; each strike he landed felt like a death sentence looming over me. In that moment, all thoughts of loyalty to Muzan faded away as survival became my sole focus.

I tried to fight back with whatever little strength I possessed but deep within myself knew that this battle was futile against such an opponent. In those moments when our blades clashed and sparks flew around us every second seemed eternal.

Eventually though - whether through luck or sheer determination - managed somehow manage escape unscathed. From that day onwards vowed never again face another Hashira if can help it avoid them at all costs.

Every time mention their names or sense their presence near tremble uncontrollably fear taking over once more.

But deep inside know cannot continue living this way constantly running scared eventually will have confront them again.

And when that day arrives only hope be prepared enough survive encounter come out victorious.

Until then must train harder than ever before hone skills sharpen mind strengthen resolve prepare for what lies ahead.

For now will hide in darkness bide wait until fate brings us together once more in dreaded encounter with hashiras who haunt nightmares .