I am the Serpent Demon, a being of darkness and cruelty. My existence is shrouded in shadows, my heart consumed by malice. I revel in the pain and suffering of humans, delighting in their screams as I tear them apart.

The taste of fear is sweet on my tongue, driving me to ever greater acts of violence. I am smarter than those who seek to destroy me, always one step ahead in the deadly game we play. But even demons have weaknesses, vulnerabilities that can be exploited by clever foes.

I hide from the sunlight like a coward, knowing that its touch could spell my doom. The demon slayers hunt me relentlessly, their blades thirsting for my blood. Yet still I endure, plotting and scheming to preserve my twisted existence.

My worshipers once knelt before me in awe and reverence, offering sacrifices to sate my insatiable hunger for power. But even they were not safe from my wrathful fury; I turned on them without mercy or remorse.

In the end it was Rengoku's father who found me out, his righteous blade piercing through my blackened heart with ease. As he stood over me victorious, I felt a strange sense of peace wash over me - perhaps death would finally bring an end to the darkness within me.

But even now as I lie broken and defeated at his feet,I know that some part of me will always remain untamed,the serpent demon forever lurking within,biding its time until it can rise again,to wreak havoc upon this world once more...