Hey there, diary! It's your girl May here, ready to spill some tea about my love-hate relationship with chocolate. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the stuff - the way it melts in your mouth and satisfies every craving you have. But sometimes, my obsession with chocolate gets a little out of hand.

Let me tell you about this one time when June and July were busy training in the hyperbolic time chamber. I had the whole day to myself and decided to treat myself to some delicious chocolate treats. One bite turned into two, then three... before I knew it, I had devoured an entire box of chocolates! The sugar rush hit me hard, and let's just say things got a little crazy around the house that day.

Another incident happened when April asked us all to help her prepare for an upcoming battle against a powerful enemy. While June and July were diligently practicing their fighting techniques, I was sneaking off to raid our pantry for any hidden stashes of chocolate. My cravings were getting uncontrollable at this point - every second felt like torture without a sweet fix.

But perhaps the most embarrassing moment was when we encountered a group of hostile aliens during one of our missions. Instead of focusing on devising strategies or coming up with clever plans like usual, all I could think about was how badly I needed some chocolate right then and there! Talk about being distracted at the worst possible moment.

I know my sisters mean well when they try to help me control my cravings by hiding sweets from me or offering healthier alternatives like fruits instead. And while their efforts are appreciated (at least after my initial pouting), nothing can truly replace that rich taste of creamy milk chocolate melting on your tongue.

Despite these mishaps caused by my insatiable love for anything cocoa-related, deep down inside I know that no amount of indulgence will ever make up for the bond shared between us Majin Sisters as we face each challenge head-on together. So here's hoping that next time temptation strikes again (and let's be real - it definitely will), maybe just maybe...I'll have enough self-control not to go overboard with those irresistible chocolates. Until next time, May