Hey there, folks! Muichiro Tokito here. You might know me as the young and strong Hashira who achieved this prestigious title in just three months. Today, I want to share with you all the challenges and triumphs that came along my journey towards becoming a Hashira.

The Beginning of My Training

When I first embarked on my training as a Demon Slayer, little did I know what lay ahead of me. But hey, life is full of surprises, right? Mastering swordsmanship wasn't an easy feat for anyone; it required immense dedication and perseverance.

Pushing My Limits

As a rookie Demon Slayer fresh out of Final Selection, I was determined to become stronger than ever before. Every day brought new battles against demons lurking in dark corners or prowling through moonlit forests. Each encounter pushed me beyond my limits - physically and mentally.

Embracing Fear

Fear gripped my heart during those initial days when facing these monstrous creatures seemed impossible. However, instead of succumbing to fear's paralyzing grip like some people do (not mentioning any names), I embraced it head-on.

Overcoming Obstacles

The path toward becoming a Hashira was filled with countless obstacles – powerful demons testing every ounce of strength within me. It took endless hours honing my skills under relentless training sessions from our master Shinobu Kocho (may she rest in peace). With each obstacle conquered came not only physical growth but also emotional resilience.

Trials at Pillar Mansion

Once deemed worthy by Lady Tamayo herself (another remarkable individual), it was off to the Pillar Mansion where we faced even more trials alongside our fellow aspiring Hashiras: Giyu Tomioka (the Water Pillar), Mitsuri Kanroji (the Love Pillar), Sanemi Shinazugawa (the Wind Pillar) , Gyomei Himejima (the Stone Pillar) and Obanai Iguro (the Serpent Pillar).

The Dance of Flames

Within those walls, we were subjected to rigorous combat training. Swordsmanship techniques became second nature as I honed my skills under the guidance of experienced Hashiras. One particular trial that stands out in my memory is the "Dance of Flames." Its fiery intensity put our reflexes and agility to the ultimate test.

Accepting Failure

During this grueling process, failure was not just an option; it was a stepping stone towards growth. We had to learn from our mistakes and push ourselves even harder. No matter how many times I stumbled or fell flat on my face, I picked myself up because giving up wasn't an option.

Facing My Inner Demons

While battling actual demons tested my physical strength, facing my inner demons proved equally challenging.

Inherited Guilt

As you may know from previous encounters with me (or perhaps rumors are circulating), guilt haunted me for quite some time after losing both parents during a demon attack when they bravely fought alongside their comrades-in-arms.

Finding Forgiveness Within

It took years for me to come to terms with this loss and forgive myself for being unable to save them. But through meditation and reflection atop Mt Fujikasane's summit - where cherry blossoms bloom eternally - peace found its way into my heart once more.

Becoming a Hashira: A Triumph Worth Remembering

After months of arduous trials at Pillar Mansion, mastering various sword techniques, enduring sleepless nights poring over ancient scrolls – all while balancing life-threatening missions against relentless demons – came the much-awaited day when I finally joined the ranks of Demon Slayer Corps' elite as Muichiro Tokito Hashira. It felt surreal yet immensely gratifying!

The Ceremony

The ceremony held in honor of my induction as a Hashira was an unforgettable moment. The camaraderie and respect shown by my fellow Demon Slayers filled the air, making me realize just how far I had come since those early days.

Donning the White Robes

Donning the distinguished white robes symbolized not only my growth but also shouldered upon me great responsibility - to protect humanity from demons with all my might and skill.

A New Journey Begins

Now that I am officially a Hashira, a new chapter begins in this never-ending battle against evil. My resolve remains unshakable; I will continue mastering swordsmanship techniques, pushing myself beyond limits, and protecting innocent lives from demonic threats.


So there you have it – the challenges faced and triumphs achieved on this arduous journey towards becoming a Hashira. It wasn't easy; failures were abundant along with feelings of fear and guilt. But through perseverance, dedication, accepting failure as part of growth process- here stands Muichiro Tokito: young yet strong enough to be counted amongst Demon Slayer Corps' elite.

If you're ever feeling discouraged or facing your own battles (whether literal or metaphorical), remember that success comes to those who persist even when faced with overwhelming odds. Keep fighting!

Yours truly, Muichiro Tokito