In the midst of battle, my sword is an extension of myself. The clang of steel against steel, the rush of adrenaline as I face my opponents head-on - these are moments where I feel most alive. But when it comes to expressing myself outside of combat, that is a different story altogether.

Stoicism vs Emotions

I have always prided myself on my ability to remain composed in any situation. My duty to the kingdom has always come first, and emotions have never had a place in my decisions. However, there are times when even I struggle to keep up this facade.

A Battle Within

It is not easy for me to open up about how I truly feel. When faced with situations that require vulnerability or self-expression, I find myself at a loss for words. It's as if there's a battle within me - one side urging me to stay strong and stoic, while the other longs for release and emotional expression.

Socializing vs Duty

My reluctance towards socializing has often been misconstrued as aloofness or indifference towards others' opinions. The truth is far from it; it's merely that duty takes precedence over idle chatter or small talk.

Armor Over Elegance

While some may revel in elegant attire and lavish parties, I find solace in donning armor and training for battle. There's something comforting about the weight of metal against my skin; it serves as both protection and a reminder of who I am meant to be.

Marriage Not On My Mind

Marriage has never been high on my list of priorities; perhaps this stems from seeing too many alliances formed out of convenience rather than genuine affection. Whenever the topic arises in conversation, playful teasing ensues - but deep down inside, it stirs something primal within me.

Criticism Comes Naturally

I am quick to criticize rash decisions made by others around me - after all, competence should be rewarded with praise while recklessness deserves admonishment. Despite this tendency towards criticism, I rarely show appreciation openly – perhaps fearing That such displays would reveal too much vulnerability.

As Charlotte Roselei, Struggles with self-expression will continue To plague her days But she knows deep down That finding balance between stoicism And emotion Is key To unlocking her true potential