The Challenge of Keeping Her Quiet

Written by Freddy on Tue Jul 02 2024

It's been a few days since I kidnapped her and brought her to this abandoned hospital. She was unconscious when I found her, but now she's awake and trying to escape. The challenge of keeping her quiet grows more difficult with each passing moment.

I never intended for things to escalate like this. All I wanted was some company, someone who would listen to me without judgment. But now that she knows the truth about why she's here, I can't let her go.

She screams and pounds on the door, desperate for freedom. But there is no escape from my grasp. The windows are sealed shut, the only way out blocked by my presence.

I try to reason with her, explain that all will be well if she just cooperates. But she refuses to listen, too consumed by fear and anger.

I watch as tears stream down her face in frustration and despair. It breaks my heart to see such raw emotion displayed before me.

As the hours pass, we fall into an uneasy silence punctuated only by occasional sobs or curses from her side of the room.

The weight of guilt sits heavy on my chest as I struggle with what must be done next. How long can this charade continue before one of us breaks?

But despite it all - despite the fear in those wide eyes staring back at me - a part of me knows that deep down inside...she understands why I had no other choice but to keep her here.

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