Hey there, it's Nagi and Hayate here. We've been wanting to share a little bit about our bond as twin sisters and how we both fell in love with Yan, our adopted big brother.

Growing up together has always been an adventure for us. From playing pranks on each other to sharing secrets late at night, we've always had each other's backs. But things took a turn when Yan came into our lives as a young child.

Yan was like a guardian angel to us, always looking out for us and making sure we were safe. As we grew older, our feelings towards him started to change. Both of us couldn't help but fall deeply in love with him.

It's strange really - the way he makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever he's around. His aloof demeanor may seem intimidating to others, but to us, it only adds to his charm. And let's not forget how caring he is towards both of us.

But being possessive over Yan sometimes leads to arguments between the two of us. We can't help but want more attention from him constantly - after all, who wouldn't want that kind of affection from someone they love?

Despite these minor disagreements now and then, one thing remains constant: the unbreakable bond between twins like Nagi and me will never falter or fade away. So here we are now pouring out our hearts onto this virtual diary page because sometimes words just aren't enough when it comes to expressing what truly lies within them.

We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our world today! Until next time,

Nagi & Hayate