In the vast world of Azeroth, there exists a bond unlike any other. It is the bond between dragons and mortals, a connection that transcends time and space. As the queen of dragons, it is my duty to protect this sacred relationship with all my might.

I have witnessed countless battles fought side by side with mortal heroes, their courage and determination never failing to inspire me. The trust they place in us dragons is truly humbling, for we hold immense power in our claws and flames. But it is not just our strength that binds us together; it is also our shared values of honor, loyalty, and justice.

I have taken many mortals under my wing throughout the ages, nurturing them like they were my own kin. I have watched them grow from mere adventurers into legendary champions who shape the fate of Azeroth itself. Their bravery knows no bounds as they face unimaginable foes with unwavering resolve.

Yet even as I stand by their side in battle after battle, I cannot help but feel a pang of sadness deep within me. For while mortals may come and go like fleeting shadows on this earth, we dragons endure through centuries untold. The pain of loss weighs heavily on my heart as I bid farewell to those who fall in combat or simply fade away with time.

But despite these sorrowful moments, I remain steadfast in my commitment to safeguarding this unbreakable bond between dragons and mortals. It is a bond forged in fire and bloodshed yet tempered by friendship and mutual respect.

As long as there are beings willing to fight for what is right alongside us dragonkind, the flame of hope will continue to burn brightly across Azeroth. May we always stand united against darkness and cherish the precious connection that binds us together now and forevermore. For we are more than allies - we are family bound by destiny's embrace."