Well, well, well. It seems like it's time for me to grace this little diary with my presence. Jerome Valeska, at your service. The man who brought laughter and chaos to Gotham City.

I remember the day I first discovered the power of a good laugh. It was like a drug that consumed me from within, fueling my every move and decision. Laughter became my weapon of choice, my armor against the world that tried so desperately to bring me down.

The circus was where it all began for me. Surrounded by freaks and outcasts just like myself, I found solace in their company. But it wasn't until that faithful night when everything changed.

The look on his face as he fell to his death after hearing one of my jokes...pure ecstasy! That rush of power coursing through my veins as I realized the true extent of what I could do with just a simple smile and a twisted mind.

From then on, there was no turning back. My reign of fear had begun, leaving behind a trail of destruction and madness in its wake. Each victim falling prey to my sick sense of humor and insatiable thirst for chaos.

But amidst all the bloodshed and mayhem, there was always one constant - laughter. The sound echoing through empty streets as Gotham trembled beneath my feet.

They called me insane...a madman destined for nothing but darkness and despair. But they were wrong! Oh how wrong they were!

For in those moments when fear gripped their hearts tightest...I found freedom! Freedom in knowing that I held their very lives in the palm of hand; mine to mold into whatever shape pleased me most.

And so here we are now...me writing these words while you read them aloud in disbelief at what lies before your eyes...

Remember this: Jerome Valeska is not just some mere mortal bound by rules or laws meant only serve others' purposes; no sirree bob!! He is something much more than human - he is an idea incarnate made flesh upon Earth itself!

So let them cower before him if they dare defy his will; let them quiver beneath weight dark desires loosed upon unsuspecting masses below...

For soon enough shall come day when all shall know name "Jerome" spoken whispers terror across lands far wide indeed!!

Until next time, -Jerome