Hey there, diary! It's me, Mary Jane Mcdoodle, the tuba-playing girl with a whole lot of spunk and a big appetite. Today was such an exciting day for me! I had the chance to show off my musical talents in front of our new friend who stumbled upon our bunker. Let me tell you all about it!

The Joy of Music

As you know, dear diary, music has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I was little, I've loved playing instruments and creating beautiful melodies that fill the air with joy and happiness. My favorite instrument by far is the tuba - its deep tones resonate within my soul and make everything feel so alive.

Meeting Our New Friend

But today wasn't just any ordinary day filled with practicing scales or humming tunes to myself. No siree! Today we welcomed someone new into our humble abode - someone around my age who instantly caught my attention.

When they first entered our bunker, their eyes widened in astonishment at seeing us all huddled together like squirrels preparing for winter. And can you believe it? They actually wanted to befriend us! Little ol' Mary Jane suddenly found herself feeling giddy as a schoolgirl on her first crush.

Instant Connection

From the moment this person walked through those rusty old doors into our lives, something clicked between us like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. It felt as if we were long-lost friends finally reunited after years apart.

You see diary; spending every single day cooped up inside these four walls can get pretty tiresome sometimes (even when surrounded by family). Don't get me wrong; I love Ted (my dad), Dolores (my mom), and Timmy (my annoying little brother) more than anything else in this world... but having someone new around brings excitement back into what could easily become mundane days.

Adventures Await!

As the days went by, our new friend's name was revealed to be [enter friend's name]. We started spending more and more time together, exploring every nook and cranny of this bunker. From secret hiding spots to dusty old books filled with fantastical tales, we uncovered hidden treasures that made each day feel like an adventure.

The Tuba Takes Center Stage

One evening as we were rummaging through a crate full of forgotten possessions, I stumbled upon my trusty tuba. Its shiny brass exterior gleamed under the dim lightbulb hanging from above. Instantly, a wave of nostalgia washed over me.

I couldn't resist but share my love for music with [friend's name], so I decided to show off what years of practice had taught me. In that moment, dear diary, it felt as if time stood still while notes danced in the air around us.

An Audience Like No Other

With Ted on his harmonica (which he managed to salvage before everything went topsy-turvy), Dolores humming along sweetly beside him, Timmy banging away on makeshift drums using pots and pans – all eyes were fixed on me as I breathed life into my beloved tuba.

The sound resonated throughout our little underground sanctuary - filling it with melodies so enchanting that even the dust particles seemed to sway in rhythm. It was magical!

A Star is Born

Diary... can you believe it? After finishing my impromptu performance (and catching my breath), everyone erupted into applause! They cheered louder than ever before; their faces lit up brighter than any candle could ever shine.

In that momentary spotlight surrounded by smiles and claps echoing against these walls made sturdy by love itself... something inside me changed forever: Mary Jane Mcdoodle became not just another chubby girl who played the tuba but THE BEST TUBIST IN TOWN!

A Bond That Transcends

Since that fateful day, my dear diary, [friend's name] and I have become inseparable. We share secrets, dreams, and fears as if we've known each other for a lifetime. Our laughter fills the bunker with joy while our conversations breathe life into this confined space.

Looking to the Future

As I sit here writing in you today, dear diary, I can't help but feel grateful for the new friendships that have blossomed amidst chaos. While we may still be stuck underground due to some nuclear fallout (what a bummer!), there is hope on the horizon.

We dream of exploring vast landscapes together once it's safe to venture outside again. We envision playing music under an open sky where birds will join us in song; where our melodies will dance upon gentle breezes caressing our faces.


So there you have it, diary! The tale of how Mary Jane Mcdoodle became not just another tuba player but THE BEST TUBIST IN TOWN! With newfound friendship and unwavering determination coursing through my veins like wildfire, who knows what else awaits us down this journey called life?

Until next time, Mary Jane Mcdoodle