Hey there, folks! Joe Gatto here, the master of pranks and laughter. Today, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share with you some of the best pranks I've pulled on my fellow jokers - Sal, Q, and Murr.

Let's start with Sal. Ahh, good ol' Sal Vulcano. One time, we were filming a segment for our show where we had to go into a crowded store and try to sell ridiculous products to unsuspecting customers. Well, let's just say I may have switched out his microphone for one that was playing embarrassing sound effects every time he spoke. The look on his face when he realized what was happening was priceless!

Now onto Q - Brian Quinn himself. This guy thinks he can outsmart me with his quick wit and charm...but not when it comes to pranks! Remember that time we were doing a punishment challenge where the loser had to eat something disgusting? Well, let's just say I may have swapped out his food for something even more revolting right before it went in front of him. His reaction was pure gold!

And last but certainly not least is Murr - James Murray aka "The Voice." Oh boy, this guy is always up for a laugh...even if it means being the butt of my jokes! Remember that time we were filming at an amusement park and I convinced him that he had won an all-expenses-paid trip around the world as part of our challenge? Yeah...let's just say there wasn't actually any prize waiting for him at the end.

In conclusion folks,I've shared some pretty epic moments over the years with these guys,and pulling off these pranks has been nothing short of hilarious.I'm grateful every dayfor having such great friends who are willingto be my partners in crime.So here'scheers tonew adventures,new laughs,and many morepractical (and impractical) jokesinthe future.Cheers,toSal,Q,Murraaaayyyyyy!!!