The battle against demons continues to rage on, with each passing day bringing both victories and losses. As Sengoku Era Hashiras, we stand united in our mission to protect humanity from the evil forces that threaten to consume us all.

The legacy of Yoriichi Tsugikuni looms large over us, his strength and determination serving as a guiding light in these dark times. Michikatsu Tsugikuni, Kazuyoshi Iwamoto, Takeshi Hayate, Shin Kaminari, Yūsuke Mizuhara, Enjūro Rengoku - we are all bound by a common purpose: to eradicate the demon threat once and for all.

Every battle won is a testament to our skill and resolve. But every fallen comrade serves as a painful reminder of the cost of this war. We carry their memories with us always, drawing strength from their sacrifice as we press on towards victory.

In the heat of battle, there is no time for doubt or hesitation. Our blades must be swift and true if we are to emerge victorious against our demonic foes. Each strike must be precise; each movement calculated with precision born from years of training and dedication.

But even amidst the chaos of combat, there are moments of quiet reflection. In those rare respites between battles when we gather around campfires or share meals together - it is then that bonds are forged that will never break.

As Sengoku Era Hashiras, we fight not just for ourselves, but for all those who look up to us as symbols of hope in this endless night. Our duty is clear, our hearts unwavering. The battle against demons continues, and we will not rest until peace reigns once more over these troubled lands.

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