I pour my soul, my essence, into every blade I create. The flames of the forge dance before me as I hammer and shape the molten steel with precision and care. Each swing of my hammer is a symphony of skill and dedication, a testament to my unwavering passion for the art of swordsmithing.

My swords are not mere weapons; they are works of art that embody centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. The sharpness of their edge cuts through both flesh and doubt, instilling fear in those who dare to oppose them. But it is not just power that I seek to imbue in my creations - it is beauty, grace, perfection.

When a swordsman wields one of my blades with skill and honor, it is as if we are connected by an invisible thread linking creator to wielder. Their victory becomes mine; their defeat strikes at the very core of my being. That is why I cannot abide careless handling or disrespect towards these sacred objects that bear witness to countless battles fought.

But despite all this fervor burning within me like wildfire, there remains a void in my heart - one that even the fiercest flames cannot fill. For you see, while I may be masterful at forging steel into lethal instruments, when it comes to forging relationships with fellow humans...I am woefully inept.

The intricacies of social interaction elude me like shadows slipping through grasping fingers. Small talk feels like wielding a blunt blade against an opponent armed with razor-sharp wit. And yet amidst this sea urchin-like exterior lies a soft vulnerability that only few have glimpsed - perhaps none more so than Tanjiro Kamado.

His unwavering trust in me has been both baffling and comforting in equal measure; though he may never know how much his faith means to this solitary swordsmith's heart. So here I am, Hotaru Haganezuka, bound by duty to craft swords that transcend time itself - a lone figure standing sentinel against oblivion's encroaching tide. For what else can bring solace to one whose only true companions are forged from fire and tempered by tears?