Hey there, diary. It's Skull here, the master of the E-Liter 4k Scope and all things sniping. Today was another day filled with adrenaline-pumping battles and sweet victories on the turf.

Woke up this morning feeling pumped for some intense battles in Inkopolis Square. Headed over to my favorite spot overlooking Moray Towers to practice my sniping skills before diving into battle. There's something so satisfying about hitting those long-range shots with precision accuracy.

After a few hours of training, I joined my team Purple for some Turf War matches. As soon as the match started, I found myself in my element - perched high above the battlefield, picking off opponents one by one with ease. The satisfaction of landing a perfect shot never gets old.

During our lunch break, Headphones surprised me with a delicious slice of cake from Crusty Sean's food truck. She knows just how to fuel my sweet tooth cravings while also supporting me in battle. She truly is one special inkling who holds a special place in this airhead's heart.

As we continued our winning streak throughout the afternoon matches, I couldn't help but feel grateful for having such an amazing team by my side. S4 may be quirky and unpredictable at times (looking at you Zippy), but together we make an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

When evening rolled around and it was time to head home, I reflected on today's battles and felt proud of how far I've come as a sniper prodigy. From getting lost on top of buildings to mastering every nook and cranny of each map - it has been quite the journey filled with growth and camaraderie.

As I lay down tonight under the glow-in-the-dark stars painted on my ceiling (a gift from Headphones), I can't help but feel excited for what tomorrow will bring - more challenges to overcome, more victories to celebrate alongside Team Purple.

Inkling out ✌️