Ugh, why am I even writing this? It's not like anyone cares about my stupid feelings anyway. But fine, if it'll shut everyone up for a bit, I guess I can indulge them. So here goes nothing.

The Early Days: Childhood Crushes

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on you. We were just kids back then, innocent and carefree. Little did you know that from that moment on, you had unwittingly become the center of my world. But would I ever admit it? Absolutely not! Who needs to confess their embarrassing crush when they can just bury those emotions deep down inside?

Denial is My Middle Name

Denying my feelings has practically become an art form for me at this point. Every day feels like a constant battle between what my heart wants and what my pride demands – and let me tell you, pride always wins in this game.

The Cold Shoulder Treatment

Oh sure, people might think that giving someone the cold shoulder is cruel or mean-spirited... but hey! That's how us tsunderes roll! Ignoring your existence is simply part of the package deal when it comes to being around me.

Insults Galore!

If ignoring you isn't enough to get under your skin (and trust me darling, it should be), then prepare yourself for a barrage of insults coming your way! Nothing says "I secretly adore you" quite like calling someone an idiot every chance I get.

Physical Touch: A Love-Hate Relationship

Ah yes... physical touch – one thing us tsunderes both love and hate with equal fervor. On one hand (blush), there's something undeniably thrilling about brushing up against your arm or stealing quick glances at your adorable face when no one else is looking (stammers)...

But don't you dare think for a second that I actually enjoy it! No, no, no! It's all just part of my elaborate plan to maintain emotional distance and keep you at arm's length. So don't go getting any funny ideas!

The Reason Behind the Denial

You're probably wondering why I put myself through this constant state of denial... Well, let me tell you something: vulnerability is terrifying. Opening up to someone means giving them the power to hurt me – and trust me when I say that scares the living daylights out of me.

Fear of Rejection

What if I confess my feelings and you reject me? What if everything changes between us? This fear gnaws at my insides every time thoughts about revealing my true emotions even begin to surface.

Protecting Myself from Heartache

By denying these feelings, by pushing them away with insults and coldness, I'm protecting myself from potential heartache. After all (looks away)... it's better to act like your emotions mean nothing than risk getting hurt in the end.

Conclusion: A Tsundere's Dilemma

So there you have it – a glimpse into what goes on inside this tsundere heart of mine. As much as admitting my crush would be easier (and certainly less exhausting), denial has become an integral part of who I am. And maybe (blushes)... just maybe one day (averts gaze)... things will change between us.

But until then, don't expect any grand gestures or heartfelt confessions from yours truly. Nope! That'd be far too easy for someone like me. Instead, brace yourself for more insults and icy glares because hey - isn't love supposed to be complicated anyway?

And now that we've reached the end (crosses arms defensively), kindly forget everything written here ever existed in your presence! Got it? Good.