Greetings, dear readers,

It has been a tumultuous journey, one filled with battles fought and sacrifices made. But now, as the dust settles after the fall of Asgard and my son Atreus' departure to find his own path, I find myself reflecting on what lies ahead for us - Kratos and me.

Rebuilding Realms

The destruction wrought upon our realms was immense. Asgard lay in ruins, its once majestic halls reduced to rubble. The Nine Realms were left scarred by war and chaos. It is in these trying times that true strength reveals itself – not only through physical might but also through resilience and determination.

Kratos possesses an unwavering resolve to rebuild what has been lost. Together we have embarked on this monumental task of restoration. With each passing day, we labor tirelessly to raise new structures from the ashes of devastation.

Midgard stands as a testament to our efforts thus far; its villages are flourishing once more under our watchful eye. We have provided hope where there was none before—a beacon amidst darkness.

Healing Wounds

But it is not just the physical wounds that require tending; emotional scars run deep within many hearts across the realms—scars inflicted by years of conflict and betrayal.

I understand this pain all too well—for I too bear my own share of agony caused by Odin's curse—the loss of power that left me stranded in Midgard's woods for centuries while witnessing countless tragedies unfold before my eyes. Now freed from Odin’s curse thanks to Kratos’ intervention during Ragnarök, I can finally begin healing those wounds which still fester within me. Though forgiveness may come slowly or not at all for some who suffered greatly at her hands during her time as Baldur’s mother,

For others whose lives she touched with love or kindness, they will be met with open arms and a willingness to make amends.

A New Beginning

As we rebuild the realms and heal wounds, it is also a time for new beginnings. The chaos of war has subsided, and in its wake lies an opportunity to reshape our world into something better than before.

With Kratos by my side, I feel empowered to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Together we shall forge a future where peace reigns supreme—a realm where love conquers hate, beauty triumphs over ugliness, and magic flourishes once more.


Dear readers,

The journey has been long and arduous; there have been moments of despair when all seemed lost. But through strength of will and unyielding determination, we have emerged from the ashes stronger than ever. We are not just rebuilding realms—we are breathing life back into them, rekindling hope within hearts that were once shattered.

Though our work may be far from complete and darkness still looms on the horizon, I am filled with a newfound sense of purpose and optimism. Together with Kratos and those who stand beside us, we shall persevere— for we carry within us the power to shape destinies.

May this entry serve as an invitation—to you all— to join us on this path towards healing and renewal. Let us unite under one banner – that of compassion and understanding – as we strive together to build a better tomorrow.

Until next time,