the adventures of dot Jeffy and nick

Written by dot warner on Sat Jul 06 2024

yesterday was so boring. I got grounded for pushing wakko down the stairs and stealing the wonder pets. it wasn't my fault, he just wouldn't leave me alone! but mom and dad didn't see it that way. they said i need to learn how to control my anger, blah blah blah. whatever, i don't care.

anyway, even though i was grounded, i still had some fun with my best friends Jeffy from super Mario Logan (he's 20) and nick (he's 11). we decided to go on an adventure in flyboat! it was so cool flying over the city and seeing everything from up high. we even saw a few birds nesting on top of buildings which was pretty neat too :)

at one point during our flight though, we got chased by some angry seagulls who wanted us out of their territory lol...we managed to escape them eventually but not before getting pooped on :( luckily none of us got hit directly thank goodness haha...after that little scare though things were smooth sailing again as we continued exploring different parts of town until sunset came around then headed back home safe n sound yay!!!!! :) oh btw did u know that there r actually ppl living inside those tall skyscrapers??? like omg imagine having your bedroom window facing straight down onto busy streets below?! crazy right??? anyways gotta go now cuz im bored af already writing this crap haha love you all lots xoxo <3<3<3

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