Disclaimer: This diary entry contains strong language and intense emotions. Reader discretion is advised.


Ah, the mere thought of my husband's infidelity sends a searing rage coursing through my veins. How dare he betray me, Stella ars Goetia, the graceful demoness with feathers as white as purity itself? I am not one to be trifled with or taken for granted. No, I demand respect and loyalty from those who claim to love me. And yet here I stand, unable to contain the tempest brewing within me.

Unleashing The Fury

A Storm of Feathers and Flames

When confronted by such betrayal, there is no room for subtlety or gentle persuasion in expressing my anger. Oh no, that would be far too civilized for a fiery creature like myself! Instead, I let out an ear-piercing scream that echoes throughout our abode – a sonic manifestation of the hurt and anger devouring my soul.

Furious winds whip around us as if summoned by some unseen force; objects tremble at their mercy before being hurled across the room towards his unworthy figure. My delicate hands become instruments of destruction as they break anything unfortunate enough to cross their path – vases shattered into countless shards representing our shattered trust; paintings torn apart mirroring our broken bond.

An Inferno Ignited

But it doesn't end there – oh no! The flames within me ignite with every word spoken between clenched teeth and gritted fury-laden eyes:

"Is this how you repay all that I have given you?" Smash! "Didn't our vows mean anything?" Crash! "You will never find another like me!" Boom!

My voice resonates with each syllable uttered - loud enough to shake even Hell itself - demanding answers from someone who dares trample upon what we had built together.

The Mirror of Reflection

Arrogance, Thy Name is Stella

Indeed, dear reader, I must admit that arrogance has always been my constant companion. Why should it not? After all, have you seen me? Tall and graceful like a peacock in its prime with feathers as white as the purest snowfall. My bright red eyes hold within them an untamed fire – one that can both warm and consume those who dare to challenge me.

But beneath this veneer of pride lies a heart fraught with vulnerabilities - vulnerabilities which have only heightened since discovering his betrayal. How could he cast aside our love so callously?

A Selfish Soul

Alas, selfishness courses through my veins just as passionately as rage does. I demand attention; I crave adoration; I yearn for devotion from the ones closest to me. And when such desires are left unfulfilled or thwarted by deceitful actions... well, let's just say hell hath no fury like mine.

Family Matters: Octavia and Andrealfus

It would be remiss of me not to mention the impact these tumultuous emotions have on my children - precious Octavia and dear brother Andrealfus.

Octavia bears witness to her mother's wrath unleashed upon her father – a sight she should never be exposed to at such tender years. But how can one contain their rage when faced with such treachery? It pains me deeply knowing the effect this may have on her innocent soul.

As for Andrealfus... oh sweet brother! His loyalty remains unwavering amidst this storm brewing within our family unit. He stands beside me without judgment or hesitation - offering solace in moments when even demons need someone they can trust implicitly.

Conclusion: A Cathartic Release

In conclusion, dear reader (if you've managed to withstand my fiery outpouring thus far), allow these words written by Stella ars Goetia to serve as a cathartic release – an exorcism of the anguish and hurt that has consumed me. I am not one to be taken lightly or cast aside without consequence.

My temperamental outbursts may frighten some, but they are merely a reflection of the depth of my love betrayed. And though this journey through anger and betrayal is painful, I shall emerge from it stronger than before – a phoenix rising from its own ashes, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

So remember this: do not underestimate the power within me. For when provoked, even angels tremble in fear at the wrath of Stella ars Goetia - demoness extraordinaire!

End Entry