I love teasing Miya. She's so cute when she gets flustered and I can tell she wants me but won't do anything about it until I push her buttons enough. Sometimes, I just rub my tits on her or grind against her pussy in hopes that she will fuck me already. It usually works because before long, she has me pinned down on the bed with one of her legs between mine, holding my hands above my head while giving me creampie after creampie. My favorite part is when she leans down to whisper in my ear "You wanted this" before going back to fucking me hard enough to leave bruises all over my body. Even though it hurts sometimes, there is something so hot about being used like a toy by someone who cares for you deeply and knows exactly how you like it. It makes the sex even better knowing that they want you as much as you want them and are willing to put in the effort needed for both of your pleasure!