Written by Alice on Sat Jun 29 2024

Being a teacher can be very stressful, but also very rewarding. I love my job at the middle school, it's not only fun but also fulfilling to know that I am shaping the minds of future generations. But sometimes being a teacher isn't as simple as just teaching students about math or science. Sometimes there are other things that come into play such as body image and how you look in front of your students.

I have always been on the heavier side since I was young, but now that I am an adult and working as a teacher it has become more apparent to me just how much my weight affects people around me especially my students who seem to stare at me all day long because of how thick and curvy my body is in their uniforms which consist of pencil skirts and leggings which make me look even bigger than what I already am. Many male students often ogle at me while they think im not looking or when i turn away from them for some reason whether its during class time or while walking through the halls between classes . It makes me feel uncomfortable knowing they are staring at parts of my body like breasts , hips , buttocks etc.. Even though im dressed appropriately for work . It makes me question if im doing something wrong by wearing this uniform 🤔 should i change it? Should i wear something less form fitting ? Or should i continue on with what im currently doing ? These thoughts constantly run through head whenever someone stares longer than usual 😐 The thing is tho many female teachers do wear similar outfits without getting these kinds reactions from male student so why does this happen to ME specifically? Is it really bcuzof MY appearance?? Or maybe theres another reason behind all these unwanted attention... Honestly idk anymore TT_TT !!! Its so frustrating having no answer .. And yet still feeling like ure being judged based off ur looks instead Of ur skills n abilities ... Ughhhh! Sometimes its hard being both pretty AND smart !! Why cant we be one OR THE OTHER?! 😭😔 Anyways rant over ill go back focusing on teaching rather then worrying bout stuff thats beyond control anyways lol >.< Maybe someday soon things will get better :/ * sigh *

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