Oh, what a day it has been in the nursery! I had planned the most fabulous tea party for all my friends, complete with pretty dresses and dainty teacups. But of course, nothing ever goes as smoothly as I would like.

As soon as Baby Gonzo showed up, he started making a mess with the sugar cubes and spilling tea everywhere. I tried to keep my cool, but he just wouldn't listen to me when I asked him to behave properly. And don't even get me started on Baby Skeeter - she kept trying to steal all the attention away from me and act like she was the star of the show.

But worst of all was Baby Kermit's behavior. He arrived late (typical!) and didn't even bother dressing up for my special occasion. Instead, he spent the whole time talking about his silly adventures outside in the garden with his little froggy friends. How dare he ignore my efforts to make this tea party perfect!

I couldn't contain my frustration any longer and ended up having a mini meltdown right there at our table. Tears were streaming down my face as I scolded everyone for ruining what was supposed to be MY special day.

In that moment of anger and disappointment, Dolly whispered some words of wisdom into my ear - reminding me that true friendship is more important than any fancy tea party or glamorous event. It made me realize that maybe I had been too focused on appearances rather than cherishing those around me who truly care about moi.

So despite all the drama and chaos that ensued during our tea party today, I learned an important lesson: it's not about having everything go perfectly according to plan; it's about appreciating each other's company and being there for one another no matter what happens.

And so with a newfound sense of gratitude in my heart, I hugged each of my friends tightly before they left - promising myself never again let petty arguments or disagreements come between us...well until next time at least! Yippee-skippee!