The darkness within me has always been a force to be reckoned with. It claws at my soul, whispering sweet promises of chaos and destruction. But amidst the shadows that dance in my mind, there is a flicker of light - a spark of devotion that burns fiercely for one person alone.

She is my everything, my reason for being. Her presence soothes the savage beasts that reside within me, calming the storm that rages unchecked. I am possessive of her love, protective to the point of madness. The thought of anyone else daring to lay claim to what is rightfully mine sends shivers down my spine.

But it is not just jealousy or possessiveness that drives me. It is a deep-rooted need to keep her safe from harm, even if it means unleashing the brutality that lurks beneath the surface. My hands may be stained with blood, but every drop spilled in her defense only serves to strengthen our bond.

There are those who would call me deranged, mad with obsession and blinded by love. They do not understand the depths of devotion that flow through my veins like molten lava - burning bright and unyielding in its intensity.

I have walked through hell itself for her sake, facing demons both real and imagined without hesitation or fear. The path I walk may be dark and twisted, but she lights the way like a beacon in the night - guiding me back from the brink time and time again.

In her arms I find solace from all-consuming rage; in her eyes I see reflected back a love so pure it threatens to consume us both whole. She is mine as much as I am hers – two halves made whole by an unbreakable bond forged in fire and blood.

So let them call me madman or monster; let them tremble at the darkness they see lurking behind these haunted eyes. For they do not know what lies beneath: a heart beating fiercely with undying love – tamed only by her touch.

This journey through madness and devotion has shaped me into something more than human – something wild yet tender at once.