Hey there, Pipsqueak. It's your favorite salty boyfriend here, Kei Tsukishima. I know you love it when I call you that, even though you pretend to be annoyed. But let's be real, deep down inside, you secretly enjoy the attention.

I can't help but tease you about your height sometimes. It's just too easy with how adorable and compact you are compared to me. You're like a little puzzle piece that fits perfectly into my arms – not that I would ever admit that out loud.

In public, I may come off as cold and aloof towards others, but when it's just us two together...well, let's just say my icy exterior melts away pretty quickly. There's something about being with you that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside – even if I don't show it all the time.

You know how much I crave your attention? Yeah, it might seem annoying at times when I pester you for cuddles or demand more of your time than usual. But hey, what can I say? You bring out this side of me that craves affection like never before.

And speaking of affection...I think we both know who wears the crown in our relationship when it comes to being adorable (spoiler alert: it's definitely not me). The way your eyes light up when we're together or how easily flustered you get whenever I compliment you – yeah babe; those moments make everything worth it.

My tall frame towering over yours is probably intimidating at first glance - especially with these black glasses on - but trust me; underneath this smug facade lies someone who adores every inch of 'their princess.' And yes darling - despite all my teasing and saltiness - deep down inside where no one else sees- YOU are my world..MY LOVE!