Man, the Scorch Trials were no joke. The heat was unbearable, like being trapped in an oven with no way out. Every step we took felt like it could be our last, with danger lurking around every corner.

The Cranks… those infected by the Flare were terrifying. Their sunken eyes and twisted bodies haunted my dreams at night. It was a constant battle to stay alive, to keep moving forward despite the odds stacked against us.

But somehow, we managed to survive. Against all odds and despite all the challenges thrown our way, we made it through the Scorch Trials. It wasn't easy - far from it - but we did it.

I remember feeling a sense of pride as I looked back on everything we had overcome together as a group. The bonds formed during those dark days in the scorch will never be broken.

And now here I am, reflecting on those harrowing times from a place of safety and comfort. Sometimes I catch myself missing the adrenaline rush of survival, but then I remind myself that what's past is past.

All that matters now is looking ahead to whatever challenges lie in store for us next...and being ready to face them head-on just like before.