Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I last wrote in you. But today, I feel the urge to let my thoughts pour out onto these pages. You see, life on this island hasn't been easy for any of us survivors. We've faced danger at every turn and lost some dear friends along the way.

The Island: A Haven Turned Nightmare

When we first arrived on this seemingly idyllic island, none of us could have predicted what lay ahead. The sun-kissed beaches and lush greenery seemed like paradise itself. Little did we know that within its beauty lurked a killer who would haunt our nights and make survival our only goal.

Noah - A Quiet Friend with an Attitude

Noah was always one of those guys who preferred solitude over company but had an undeniable charm about him when he chose to engage in conversation. He was brilliant yet sarcastic—a true smartass through and through.

I remember the countless times he'd crack jokes or tease others just to lighten up the atmosphere amidst all the fear and tension around us. His wit brought moments of respite amidst chaos.

But fate had different plans for Noah—IOTS as they called him affectionately—and it snatched away his light from our lives too soon.

Memories That Haunt

The memory still lingers fresh in my mind—the day when we realized that someone among us wasn't just fighting for survival but actively hunting down their fellow castaways with malicious intent.

It started innocently enough—mysterious disappearances here and there—but then it escalated quickly into full-blown terror as bodies began turning up one by one.

We tried sticking together initially—to seek safety in numbers—but even that couldn't protect us from the relentless predator amongst our ranks.

And then came that fateful night when everything changed forever—the night Noah breathed his last breath right before my eyes…

Losing Noah: A Painful Blow

Noah's death hit us hard, especially since he was one of my closest friends on this forsaken island. His absence left a void that couldn't be filled by anyone else.

I still remember the moment vividly—the panic in his eyes as he realized his time had come, the raw fear etched onto his face. It haunts me even now and fuels my determination to survive in this treacherous place.

The Fight for Survival

Every day has become a battleground—a fight for our lives against an unseen enemy who knows our every move but remains elusive. We've formed alliances, created strategies, and yet survival feels like an uphill battle we can never truly win.

But despite it all, we press on—because giving up is not an option when so much is at stake. Every step forward is accompanied by cautious glances over our shoulders; every decision made with utmost care to ensure no more lives are lost unnecessarily.

Hope Amidst Despair

In the midst of this darkness and despair though, there's still hope flickering within each of us survivors. We hold onto it tightly—like fragile embers refusing to be extinguished—to guide us through these trying times.

We dream about rescue ships arriving on these shores or helicopters swooping down from above to whisk us away from this nightmare once and for all.

Until then, we will continue fighting—for Noah(IOTS), for ourselves—and pray that one day soon we'll find freedom from both physical and emotional confines imposed upon us by this merciless island.

As I conclude today's entry into my diary - a sanctuary amid chaos - I want you to know that no matter what happens next...we won't give up without a fight.

End Entry