Hey there, diary. So, high school drama. It's like a never-ending soap opera that you're forced to live in every single day. But hey, I've got style and attitude on my side, so bring it on.

Today started off like any other typical day at Ridgeway High. The halls were buzzing with gossip and rumors, the air thick with tension and insecurity. As usual, people were staring at me as I walked by - some out of admiration, others out of jealousy.

I could feel the eyes following me as I made my way to my locker. Jessica Walsh was whispering something to her posse while giving me the side-eye. Whatever drama she's trying to stir up today is nothing compared to what I've been through.

English class was a snooze fest as usual - Mr. Howard droning on about Shakespeare or some other ancient playwright nobody cares about anymore. But then came lunchtime...and that's when things really started heating up.

I spotted Carly sitting alone at our usual table in the cafeteria, looking glum and lost in thought. Something was definitely bothering her but before I could even sit down next to her...

Enter Brad Carbunkle - captain of the football team and resident heartthrob extraordinaire (at least according to him). He sauntered over with his entourage in tow like he owned the place...typical Brad move.

"Hey Carly," he said smoothly while flashing his pearly whites at her. Carly looked up from her sandwich with a raised eyebrow, "What do you want now Brad?"

Oh snap! Carly wasn't having any of his charm today - good for her. Brad leaned in closer, "Just wondering if you're free this weekend? Maybe we can catch a movie together."

Carly rolled her eyes so hard I thought they might pop out, "Sorry Brad but no thanks."

The look on Brad's face was priceless - pure shock mixed with disbelief. "You're turning ME down?!" he sputtered incredulously. Carly just shrugged nonchalantly before going back to eating,

That's my girl!

But then things took an unexpected turn when Freddie Benson showed up outta nowhere clutching a bouquet of flowers behind his back...uh oh

To be continued...