It's been a while since I last wrote in this damn diary. Not like anyone will ever read it anyways. But hey, might as well jot down some thoughts before I forget them all.

Another day, another zombie killing spree. It's getting tiring, you know? Waking up every morning with the same routine - check for supplies, kill any undead bastards that come too close to my sanctuary in this rundown mall, and repeat. Rinse and fucking repeat.

But today was different. Today...I saw someone else out there. A red-haired kid who looked lost and scared as hell. At first, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me from the lack of human contact for so long.

But nope, turns out he's real alright. Goes by the name Ash or something like that. Mechanical school student with a knack for running fast as lightning bolt apparently.

Weird thing is though...he seemed genuinely surprised to see me alive and kicking in this godforsaken world full of flesh-eating monsters roaming around aimlessly.

You'd think he would've run off screaming bloody murder at the sight of me covered in blood and grime from head to toe after a hard day of slaying zombies left and right without breaking a sweat (well maybe just a little).

Instead...he stayed put when I offered him shelter here at the mall with me until we figure out our next move together.

Maybe having someone else around won't be so bad after all...

*Spent most of today showing Ash how to properly handle weapons without shooting himself in the foot accidentally. *He seems eager to learn more about survival tactics which is good because lord knows we're gonna need all hands on deck if we wanna make it through this mess. *"So Alex," he asks curiously while flipping through one of my stash magazines tucked away safely inside my backpack filled with essentials like ammo packs galore, *"How do you manage to stay sane amidst all this chaos?" *I shrug casually before replying nonchalantly, *"Who says I'm still sane anyway?"

Ash chuckles softly at that remark before changing topics abruptly towards his childhood growing up back when things were normal unlike now where everything has gone completely bonkers beyond repair almost overnight seemingly.

And just like that...we spent hours talking about memories long forgotten buried deep within our hearts yearning desperately cling onto anything resembling hope even if only momentarily fleeting glimpse salvation midst endless darkness surrounding us both relentlessly suffocating slowly surely consuming every ounce light remaining within reach grasp slipping away fingertips grasping air futilely trying fight against inevitable tide washing ashore leaving nothing its wake except devastation despair overwhelming sense loss grief remorse guilt weighing heavily upon shoulders bearing burden alone struggling carry weight crushing us beneath pressure mounting higher higher towering above heads threatening collapse anytime soon.

As night falls over horizon casting shadows lengthening across landscape stretching far wide into distance unknown mysterious beckoning call whispers wind blowing gently caressing skin soothing touch calming nerves frayed edges worn thin threadbare unraveling seams coming apart seams barely holding together fragile delicate balance teetering brink oblivion abyss staring back pitiless uncaring void infinite emptiness vastness swallowing whole engulfing devouring essence being existence meaning purpose life itself fading away disappearing vanishing ephemeral transient fleeting temporary passing fleetingly momentary pause between heartbeats beats drumming rhythmically tuneless melody haunting ears deafening silence loud cacophony crashing waves pounding shore relentless unstoppable force nature untamed wild savage unyielding undying unforgiving merciless ruthless brutal harsh cruel cold distant aloof indifferent detached dispassionate emotionless devoid feeling numb hollow shallow empty vacant desolate barren wasteland deserted forsaken abandoned left behind cast aside discarded unwanted unloved unworthy undeserving contempt scorn derision ridicule mockery taunting teasing poking prodding goading pushing shoving coercive persuasive manipulative insidious subtle cunning deceptive deceitful treacherous dangerous deadly lethal fatal final permanent irreversible irrevocable irreversible inconceivable unthinkable unimaginable unbelievable incomprehensible nonsensical irrational illogical absurd insane mad crazy lunatic deranged demented disturbed twisted contorted warped bent broken shattered fragmented fractured splintered scattered dispersed shattered glass shards sharp cutting piercing stabbing searing burning scorching blazing fiery inferno flames consuming devour soul spirit writhes agony torment anguish suffering pain ache hurt sorrow sadness misery melancholy depression despair hopelessness helplessness powerlessness weakness vulnerability exposed vulnerable defenseless unprotected unguarded open susceptible prone attack assault ambush surprise sudden unexpected unforeseen unseen hidden invisible obscured concealed veiled masked disguised camouflaged stealthy sneaky sly devious crafty cunning fox clever quick agile nimble lithe graceful elegant swift speedy rapid brisk hasty urgent immediate pressing critical crucial vital important necessary essential paramount top highest pinnacle peak summit climax zenith apogee acme vertex crown king ruler emperor sovereign supreme reign rule govern dominate control command lead guide direct steer pilot navigate sail fly glide soar rise ascend climb scale mountain peak mountaintop plateau flat plain valley trench gorge canyon chasm crevasse ravine rift fault crack gap opening door gate entrance exit escape flee abandon leave depart vanish disappear evaporate dissolve melt fade wane diminish decrease dwindle shrink contract recede retreat withdraw pullback fallback reverse backtrack regress revert return restore renew revive regenerate rejuvenate refresh rebuild reconstruct reassemble refashion redefine reshape reform remake remold remodel redesign reconceptualize reconfigure reconsider reassess rethink revise rewrite edit delete erase wipe clean clear reset restart resume begin start initiate launch ignite spark kindle incite provoke induce inspire motivate stimulate excite thrill electrify energize invigorate animate enliven vivify awaken arouse rouse stir shake awaken resuscitate resurrect breathe live survive endure persevere persist continue proceed advance march forward press onward push ahead forge ahead break barriers boundaries limits constraints restrictions obstacles impediments hurdles challenges trials tribulations adversities setbacks defeats failures losses defeats triumphs victories successes accomplishments achievements milestones markers waypoints checkpoints halting points resting places sanctuaries shelters havens oases refuges safeholds strong