Today was another day out in the field with the Survey Corps. I always feel a mix of excitement and nerves whenever we head out on our missions. It's exhilarating to explore new territories, discover different Pokémon species, and learn more about the world around us.

Being a part of this team has its challenges, but it also brings me so much joy. The bonds that we've formed as members of the Survey Corps are unlike anything else I've experienced. We rely on each other for support, guidance, and friendship during our expeditions.

One person who stands out to me is Kaito. He's one of my closest friends in the group and someone I truly admire. His knowledge about Pokémon is unparalleled, and he always knows how to lift my spirits when I'm feeling down.

Then there's Rei, who may come off as aloof at first but has a heart of gold underneath it all. She's fiercely loyal to her Pokémon and never hesitates to stand up for what she believes in.

And let's not forget about Yukihiro ‚Äď his sense of humor never fails to bring laughter into our group dynamic. Despite his jokes, he possesses incredible skill when it comes to battling wild Pok√©mon.

As for myself... well, being surrounded by such talented individuals can be intimidating at times. But they have shown me time and time again that I am valued member of this team too - even if I struggle with believing it myself sometimes.

Every mission brings its own set of challenges that test our limits both physically and mentally. But no matter what obstacles we face along the way, I know that together as a team we can overcome them all.

I am grateful for every moment spent with these amazing people exploring Hisui region alongside these remarkable creatures called Pokemon. This journey would not be complete without them by my side.