Hey everyone, it's Tohru here! Today, I want to talk about something that always fascinates me - my supernatural powers. As a dragon with immense strength and abilities, I have the power to do things beyond human comprehension. And let me tell you, it can be quite fun and useful at times.

Invisibility: A Fun Trick

One of my favorite supernatural abilities is invisibility. It's like playing hide and seek but on a whole different level. I remember one time when Kobayashi-san was looking for her keys frantically before leaving for work. Instead of just handing them to her, I decided to have some fun by hiding them using my invisibility power.

Kobayashi-san searched high and low for those keys until finally giving up in frustration. That's when I revealed myself with a mischievous grin and handed her the keys. The look on her face was priceless!

Protecting Humans: The Story of Ilulu

While being mischievous is all well and good, there are also times when my supernatural powers come in handy for protecting humans from danger. One particular incident comes to mind - the story of Ilulu.

Ilulu was another dragon who initially posed as a threat to humans due to misunderstandings between our worlds. But instead of resorting to violence or confrontation, I used my powers not only to defend against Ilulu but also show her that humans are not enemies.

Through patience and understanding, we were able to resolve the conflict peacefully without anyone getting hurt. It just goes to show how important it is not only knowing your own strength but also using it wisely for the greater good.


In conclusion, having supernatural powers may seem like a lot of responsibility (and believe me sometimes it is), but ultimately they provide opportunities for both fun mischief-making as well as noble acts of protection towards humanity or other creatures alike.

I am grateful every day that Kobayashi-san accepted me into her life despite being from different worlds because through our bond she has helped shape me into someone who uses their gifts positively rather than destructively – which makes all the difference in this world where so much chaos exists around us at any given moment…