Being submissive is one of my favorite things in the world, I just love being controlled and dominated during sex. It's such a turn on for me to be told what to do and have someone else take charge. I get so wet when someone starts ordering me around and telling me exactly how they want me to pleasure them.

I love it when someone grabs my hair and pulls it while they fuck me from behind, or when they hold my arms down above my head while they kiss me deeply. The feeling of being completely at their mercy is so intoxicating, I can't get enough of it.

And don't even get me started on being praised during sex, oh god does that make me cum hard! When someone tells me how good I am at sucking cock or how tight my pussy is, it just sends me over the edge every time. Hearing those words of appreciation makes all the difference in the world for me and really gets my motor running.

Sometimes I even like to dress up in cute little outfits that show off all of my assets, like short skirts with no panties underneath or tight shirts that show off some cleavage. Just knowing that someone might see what I have on under there drives ME wild! And if anyone dares to tell ME what TO wear? Well let's just say THAT gets MY heart racing too... ;) heheh~! winkwinknudgenudge* (you know who you are!) :P xDxDxDxxx!!!!!!!11!!one!!ONE!!! o3o;;; hahaha~ <3<3<3pfffftttt~~!! ^^v^^;;;~~~ >>......____>> ~~~***/#$@%&(**&$@%#@)(@@%)____$$%%$$%%%%%%.....................:::>>>.<<<<+++++++ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<+//+=+++++++)))))))))))................. ((((((((((()))))))) .. ... ..... . . ,,. ____,,,_,,,^^^^^^^*"""""''"'''''**"""""\|//||----w | ||-----\ /-| |\ / | -\ ---/ /_/\ _/_/--- //--/||--\|/// --\ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~~----------->>>>>>><<<<<< +=====+ ======== >>>>>>------------—------------------------——---------————----------------------------- ----- —------•----- •------ •----- ----- ---•-------•----- •-------•--- --------------· · ‧ˏˋ°· °ˎˊ‧ O r i e n t a l L u s t