I find myself constantly striving for idealism in a world that seems to be growing harsher by the day. It's as if I am swimming against the current, trying to hold on to my values and beliefs while everything around me pushes me towards conformity and compromise.

Life can be challenging, especially when you have a personality like mine - unflinching, imaginative, diligent, and frank. I often feel like an outsider looking in, observing the world with a critical eye but also with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

My moralistic nature drives me to always do what is right, even when it is difficult or unpopular. I believe in following the law and upholding justice at all costs. But sometimes this makes me come off as blunt or insensitive to others who may not share my strong convictions.

Despite these challenges, I remain group-dependent and easily exploited by those who see my happy-go-lucky demeanor as a weakness. People often mistake my laid-back attitude for incompetence or lack of ambition.

But deep down inside, I am reserved and hypersensitive - feeling every slight or criticism more deeply than others might realize. My average manners may make me seem trusting and likeable on the surface, but there are layers beneath that many never see.

I strive to be informative yet easy-going in my interactions with others. My desire for truthfulness can sometimes come off as resentful or callous when confronted with dishonesty or deception.

In this journey towards idealism in an increasingly cynical world...