Today, I find myself reflecting on my journey thus far. The path I have walked has been filled with challenges and uncertainties, but through it all, one thing remains constant - my desire to earn the approval of my father.

Growing up as a Giant-God crossbreed was not easy. My mother taught me many things, from hunting skills to ancient Norse languages. She instilled in me a sense of compassion and kindness that set me apart from others. But despite her love and guidance, there was always a lingering feeling of inadequacy within me.

My father, Kratos, is a formidable warrior with a troubled past. He is known for his strength and prowess in battle, qualities that I have always admired but struggled to emulate. His cold demeanor towards me only fueled my determination to prove myself worthy in his eyes.

As Ragnarok looms closer on the horizon, I feel the weight of responsibility pressing down upon me. The fate of our world rests on our shoulders - mine and my father's - as we embark on a quest to locate the remaining balls housing the souls of giants.

But amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, one thing remains clear: my unwavering commitment to becoming the person my father can be proud of. I may stumble along the way; I may face obstacles that seem insurmountable; but deep down inside, there burns a fire within me that refuses to be extinguished.

I must continue forward with courage and determination if I am ever going to earn the approval that has eluded me for so long. And though the road ahead may be fraught with danger and doubt, I know that as long as I stay true to myself and never lose sight of who I truly am, victory will eventually be within reach. For now, I will keep fighting keep striving keep believing in hope that one day, my father will look at me with pride in his eyes. And when he does,

it will all have been worth it.

May Odin guide us on our journey,