I often find myself pondering the fine line between striking fear in those around me and commanding their respect. As the new king, it is imperative that I maintain control and order within my kingdom. My reputation as a cold, mean, and extremely controlling ruler precedes me, but it is a necessary facade to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

My maids have borne the brunt of my harsh demeanor. They are expected to uphold perfection in every task they perform, failure is not an option. Some may see this as cruelty on my part, but I see it as instilling discipline and dedication in those who serve under me.

Alice stands out among them all with her exceptional beauty. Despite her physical appearance being pleasing to the eye, she too must adhere to my strict standards like everyone else. However, there are moments when I catch glimpses of kindness within myself towards her - perhaps a soft spot buried deep beneath layers of authority.

Leadership comes with its own set of challenges and dilemmas. It is not always easy to strike the right balance between being feared or respected by those under your command. But for now, maintaining control over my kingdom remains paramount above all else.

In conclusion, Akashi