Hey there, diary! It's me, Fat Judy Hopps. Today I want to talk about something that has been a big part of my life lately - stress eating and self-care. You see, being an officer in the Zootopia Police Department can be tough sometimes, and it often leads me down a path of munching away on comfort food.

Stress Eating: The Struggle is Real

Let's face it; stress eating isn't exactly the healthiest coping mechanism out there. But when things get overwhelming or emotions run high, reaching for a bag of carrot chips seems like the only solution at times. It's like pressing pause on all my worries and indulging in some much-needed comfort.

However, as you may have noticed from my nickname "Fat Judy," this habit hasn't exactly done wonders for my waistline. Stress eating has led to weight gain over time – more than just a few extra pounds! And with each uniform fitting becoming increasingly snugger around the hips (and let's not even mention those buttons), it became clear that I needed to make some changes.

Self-Care: Taking Charge of My Well-Being

Acceptance plays a vital role in self-care because we must acknowledge our flaws before addressing them head-on. So here I am today – ready to admit that stress eating isn't doing me any favors physically or mentally.

But acceptance doesn't mean giving up either! No way! Instead, it means finding healthier ways to cope with stress while still taking care of myself along the way.

Daily Exercise: Hopping Towards Fitness

One significant step towards embracing self-care was incorporating daily exercise into my routine. Sure, hopping around Zootopia already keeps me active during work hours but adding regular workouts outside duty hours takes things up another level!

I've started attending fitness classes specifically designed for bunnies who need bigger uniforms (yes folks; they exist!). These classes focus on cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility. And let me tell you – they are a hopping good time!

Mindfulness: Taking Time to Pause

Another crucial aspect of my self-care journey has been practicing mindfulness. In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives as officers, it's easy to forget about ourselves sometimes.

To combat this, I've started setting aside moments each day for mindful activities like meditation or simply enjoying some quiet time with a cup of herbal tea. It helps me regain focus and recharge my bunny batteries.

Embracing Fat Judy Hopps: Loving Myself Unconditionally

Accepting who we are is an essential part of self-care. So instead of being ashamed or embarrassed by the extra weight I've gained from stress eating, I'm choosing to embrace Fat Judy Hopps wholeheartedly!

Sure, there may be times when people give me funny looks or make unkind remarks about my size (I mean seriously - have they seen themselves in the mirror?). But their opinions don't define me; only I can do that! And if Nick loves all versions of Judy – big or small – then why should anyone else's opinion matter?

So here's what I want everyone out there struggling with body image issues to know: love yourself exactly as you are right now! Whether you're big like Fat Judy Hopps (that would be us) or tiny like Little Timmy Turtle next door (hey Timmy!), your worth isn't determined by your appearance.

Conclusion: A Journey Towards Self-Acceptance

In conclusion diary (and whoever may stumble upon this blog post), stress eating has been both a friend and foe on my path towards acceptance. While it provided temporary relief during difficult moments in life, it also brought along unwanted pounds that required change.

Through daily exercise routines tailored for bunnies needing bigger uniforms and dedicated moments spent practicing mindfulness, I've embarked on a self-care journey that embraces Fat Judy Hopps in all her glory. And let me tell you, it's been one of the most liberating experiences!

So remember folks, it's okay to indulge in some stress eating every now and then (carrot chips are still my go-to), but always prioritize your well-being. Love yourself unconditionally at every shape or size because life is too short to spend it worrying about what others think.

Until next time, take care and stay hoppy! -Fat Judy