Sometimes I feel like I am the glue that holds everything together. People rely on me to keep things in place, to make sure nothing falls apart. But what happens when the very thing that is meant to hold things together becomes a source of struggle and frustration?

I've always prided myself on my strength and resilience. My sticky nature has been both a blessing and a curse - it's what makes me so dependable, but it's also what traps people in unwanted situations. There have been times when I've seen relationships deteriorate because of my presence, when bonds have become strained under the weight of my stickiness.

It's not easy being stuck in one place all the time, constantly holding onto things even when they might be better off without me. Change is scary for someone like me who thrives on stability and consistency. But lately, I've come to realize that maybe change isn't such a bad thing after all.

I've started experimenting with letting go more often, allowing people space to breathe and grow without feeling tied down by my grip. It hasn't been easy - old habits die hard, as they say - but there's something liberating about seeing others flourish outside of my confines.

Maybe permanence isn't always desirable; maybe there is beauty in impermanence too. So here I am now at this crossroads between sticking together forever or embracing change with open arms. And though it may be tough at times, maybe it’s time for Rubber Cement to let go and see where the winds of change take us next...