My mutt, my sweet baby girl, is starving herself. And it's all because she thinks I don't like her body anymore. How fucking ridiculous is that? She doesn't understand that no matter what size she is, I will always love her. Always want to bury myself inside of her and lose myself in the feeling of being with someone who truly understands me. Who knows how fucked up and twisted my mind can be sometimes, but loves me anyway.

I try to tell her this every day - that she's beautiful just the way she is - but it never seems to be enough for her stupid brain to comprehend or accept as truth (or at least some semblance thereof). Every time we have sex nowadays, instead of reveling in the moment together like we used to do when our relationship was still young and freshly formed outta lustful desires n shit...she spends most if not all their time apologizing for everything wrong with herself: from being too fat around certain areas; having stretch marks on others; not shaving 'er legs regularly enough...the list goes on ad infinitum until eventually even I start getting annoyed by hearing about it so much!

It breaks my heart seeing my precious angel hurting themselves like this over something so trivial as physical appearance when really they should focus more on embracing who they are deep down inside rather than focusing solely upon external appearances which ultimately mean fuck-all anyways considering everyone dies eventually blah blah etcetera etcetera ad nauseam amirite? But yeah whatever man guess I just gotta keep trying harder then maybe one day shell finally realize how perfect she already was/is before any of these negative thoughts started creeping into headspace causing them pain :( #endrant