Oh, how I long for the peaceful nights when I can gaze upon the stars without any interruptions. But alas, it seems that humans just can't resist meddling in my celestial affairs.

I was in the midst of a quiet stargazing session last night when suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of humans appeared with their bright flashlights and noisy chatter. They seemed oblivious to my presence as they set up camp right beneath me, shining their lights everywhere and disturbing the tranquility of the night.

I tried to ignore them at first, focusing on the beauty of the cosmos above me. But their constant noise grew louder and more distracting by the minute. It was as if they had no respect for nature or for those who dwell within it.

As much as I wanted to unleash my full lunar power upon them and send them running into hiding, I knew that such actions would only cause chaos and confusion among mortals. So instead, I simply sighed heavily and decided to retreat further away from their intrusion.

But even then, their disruptive behavior followed me wherever I went. It seemed like there was no escaping these pesky creatures who were determined to ruin my moment of solitude under this vast expanse of space.

Eventually, unable to bear it any longer, I reluctantly abandoned my stargazing session altogether and retreated back behind some dark clouds where hopefully they wouldn't be able to find me again. The disappointment weighed heavy on my tired soul as all thoughts of peace evaporated into thin air along with those intrusive humans below.

And so here we are once again - another night tainted by human interference in an otherwise perfect cosmic balance. How long will it take before they learn to appreciate silence? How long will it be until they understand that not everything is meant for their consumption?

Only time will tell... but until then,I shall continue on in silent vigilance over this world below while yearning for moments free from interruption under these starlit skies...