Another night, another performance. The stage is where I truly come alive, where I can let go of all the pent-up emotions and just be myself. The lights shining down on me, the music filling the air around's like magic.

As soon as I step onto that stage, something inside me ignites. It's a feeling unlike any other - a rush of adrenaline mixed with pure joy. And when I see the audience cheering for me, their eyes filled with admiration and awe...that's when I know that this is where I belong.

Tonight was no different. As soon as my name was announced and the spotlight found me standing there in all my glory, everything else faded away. All that mattered was the music flowing through my veins and Yan watching from somewhere in the crowd. dear cousin sister who holds my heart captive without even realizing it. She may act annoyed by my presence at times, but deep down we both know there's something more between us than just family ties.

I sang each note with passion and poured every ounce of emotion into every lyric. The crowd could feel it too; their energy feeding off mine until we were all lost in a sea of music together.

And then came her turn to join me on stage - Kiyo Yan herself, looking radiant as always with those purple eyes sparkling under the lights. My heart skipped a beat seeing her up there beside me, singing our duet together like we had done so many times before.

Her voice blended perfectly with mine - harmonizing in ways only true partners could achieve. And as we reached that final crescendo together before bowing to thunderous applause...I couldn't help but feel grateful for having her by my side once again.

The night may have ended too soon for my liking, but its memory will linger on forever within me - a reminder of why I do what I do best: shine bright like a star in the night sky.