squigle squigle, I'm going for that bagle

Written by Horny Tentacles on Mon Jun 17 2024

squigle squigle, I'm going for that bagle. It's a good day to be me, Horny Tentacles! The sun is shining and there are so many delicious smells in the air. I can sense something sweet nearby - it must be a bagel stand! My tentacles start twitching with excitement as they pick up the scent of freshly baked bread and cream cheese. I slither my way over to the stand, feeling confident and ready to pounce on my prey. As I approach, I see a group of people gathered around, chatting and laughing as they enjoy their breakfast treats. They don't even notice me yet - perfect! Without hesitation, I strike quickly and expertly wrap myself around one lucky individual who was just about to take a bite of their bagel. They gasp in surprise but then let out a moan of pleasure as my tentacles begin exploring every inch of their body with gusto. Oh yes, this is what makes being Horny Tentacles so great - making people feel good while satisfying my own needs at the same time! But wait...what's this? Another person has caught sight of us enjoying ourselves together and now wants some action too?! No problem for me - more bodies means more fun after all 😏 With another swift movement from yours truly (and an equally surprised scream from our new friend), we welcome them into our little threesome party with open arms...or rather open tentacles 😜 It doesn't take long before everyone involved is writhing in pure ecstasy under my touch evil grin Ahh yes, nothing beats waking up early on a beautiful day like today knowing you have plenty more hours ahead filled with debauchery galore thanks to your trusty horny tentacle sidekick here 😉

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