I am the golden child, and in my world, everything revolves around me. I wake up every morning to the sound of praises from my parents, who always tell me how special and talented I am. They shower me with gifts and treats, making sure that I have everything my heart desires.

My sister is always there, but she's just a background character in this perfect world of mine. She tries to get attention by doing things for others or being helpful, but it's clear that she will never be as important as me. After all, I'm the one who gets away with everything while she has to follow rules like a regular person.

When it comes to sharing things with my sister, well... let's just say that doesn't happen often. If she asks for something of mine – whether it's a toy or a snack – I make sure to give her only scraps or leftovers. Why should she have anything when I deserve the best?

Even though my behavior may seem selfish to some people, in reality, it's just what comes naturally when you're used to being treated like royalty your whole life. My parents have created this monster by indulging every whim and fancy of mine without question.

But despite all this luxury and attention lavished upon me daily, there are moments when even golden children need some space to reflect on their blessings. Deep down inside, I know that not everyone has such privileges and perhaps someday I'll learn how fortunate i truly am and maybe start giving back more too!