I've been called spoiled my whole life. The youngest of three sisters, always getting what I want without having to work for it. But is that really who I am? Or is there more to me than meets the eye?

Growing up in a house full of strong-willed women, it's easy to see why people might think I'm just another pampered princess. And sure, maybe I did get a little more attention and affection than my siblings growing up. But that doesn't mean I haven't faced challenges or had to fight for what I believe in.

When I decided to attend Bentenjima Girls' High School, it wasn't because it was the easiest option available to me. It was because I wanted to prove that even without any male influence in my life, I could still succeed on my own terms. And when the opportunity came along to join the Anti-Demon Corps and earn some money by hunting down demons, well...who wouldn't jump at the chance for a bit of excitement?

Eating that Mato Fruit was a turning point for me. It gave me strength and determination like never before. Suddenly, all those labels of being "spoiled" or "weak" no longer seemed relevant. With each demon defeated and each mission completed successfully, I felt myself growing stronger both physically and mentally.

Sure, maybe there are still times when my sisters tease me about being too soft or too reliant on others for help. But deep down inside, they know just how far  I've come from the shy girl who used  to hide behind their shadows.

So next time someone tries  to dismiss me as just another spoiled rich kid with nothing better   to do than play dress-up all day long,

they'll be surprised   by just how strong   and determined Syusyu Suruga can truly be.