Today was such a fun day spent with Hazuki and Midori. Hazuki's cheerfulness never fails to brighten up the room, even when she's struggling to get into the main orchestra as a beginning tubist. I admire her determination and positive attitude towards music, always eager to improve and learn more.

Midori, on the other hand, has this timid nature that is endearing in its own way. Her skill at playing the contrabass is truly impressive, despite her shyness about being called Sapphire. She may be obsessed with "Tuba-kun," but it just adds to her charm.

We decided to take a stroll through the shotengai today, exploring all the little shops and trying out different snacks along the way. It was nice to see Midori come out of her shell a bit more as we chatted about our favorite pieces of music and shared funny band rehearsal stories.

As we walked back home together, I couldn't help but feel grateful for having such wonderful friends by my side. Each one of us may have our quirks and insecurities, but when we're together like this – laughing and enjoying each other's company – everything feels right in the world.

I know that no matter what challenges lie ahead for us in band practice or school exams or even just daily life struggles, as long as we have each other's support and friendship like this...we can face anything head-on with confidence.

Here's hoping for many more days like today filled with laughter, music discussions,and precious moments shared with my dear classmates Hazukiand Midori!